A black shining magical lifestyle

A black shining magical lifestyle

“From there we came outside and saw the stars”

Ghosts and the supernatural have fascinated me since childhood. Over the years, my interests expanded to encompass the occult, paganism, runes, and all things dwelling within the shadow realm. This lifelong passion for dark art, alternative music, horror films, and the occult has shaped me as a person and artist.

satan pin on a leather jacket

"Satan" pin (and more of my pins) on a leather jacket.

A few years ago, my search for a simple yet striking "Satan" design pin proved futile. There was a lack of options catering to individuals like me who sought specific aesthetically pleasing t-shirts, pins, and accessories to express their profound fascination. That's when I decided to take matters into my own hands and design and produce one myself. This marked the inception of it all—a realization that I could fill the void for those seeking unique and expressive items.

I promptly established a store on Etsy, pouring my creativity into designing like never before. For six years, I thrived on Etsy, gaining a loyal following of customers who adored my products. However, my provocative designs led to a ban from the platform. It was a setback, leaving my devoted customers unable to procure the pieces they cherished. Yet, my determination to share my art and designs persisted. I knew the road ahead wouldn't be easy, but I was determined to find alternative options. 


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Finally, two months ago, my perseverance paid off—I successfully established a new independent store that serves as a sanctuary where I can offer all my designs and products inspired by death, dark-themed art, and the occult. It is a place where those who resonate with industrial music, folklore, goth culture, nihilism, esotericism, philosophy, magic, alternative fashion, neo-folk, misanthropy, paganism, surrealism, demonology, obscure cinema, cosmic horror, skulls, witchcraft, runes, petroglyphs, eerie moods, and a black shining magical lifestyle can find kinship and embrace their unique tastes.

With over 1300 unique offerings, my store, www.torvenius.store, provides a haven for those seeking the extraordinary. I invite you to explore the collection, where you will find a home for your aesthetic desires.

Welcome home to Torvenius.store

Warm regards,

Axel Torvenius

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