Axel Torvenius, a Sweden-based artist, runs and manages the store of TORVENIUS. With years of experience as a graphic designer, illustrator, photographer, and artist, Torvenius has held numerous solo exhibitions featuring his illustrations and sculptures. He has collaborated with notable partners such as Sideshow Collectibles and MARVEL, and his work has spanned book covers, product designs, homepages, fanzines, card games, and board games. Torvenius has also created album covers, posters, and t-shirt designs for various bands, including Skinny Puppy, Front line Assembly, MZ 412, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrium, Sol Invictus, GRÁ, Grendel, Deathwolf, Underground Fire, just to mention a few. His art and philosophy often focus on darker themes. All of the products in his store are created and designed by Torvenius, with the exception of for an example prints by Gustave Doré which are clearly identified and called out. If you are looking for custom orders, like designs for t-shirts for a band and similar, feel free to get in contact. At the moment single off custom orders on for an example pins and patches is not doable.