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Ankh Cross, large version, carved black obsidian - RITUAL ITEM

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Oversized 20 cm tall Ankh cross carved from solid black obsidian. The symbol of eternal life, here as a black version, designed and commissioned by Torvenius.

Height: 20 cm
Width: 10,5 cm
Thickness: 2,5 cm

These are imported and carved by highly skilled master craftsmen in jet-black, shiny obsidian. All these items are hand-carved so smaller imperfections and variations can occur.

"In Egyptian belief, life was a force that circulated throughout the world. Individual living things, including humans, were manifestations of this force and fundamentally tied to it. Life came into existence at the creation of the world, and cyclical events like the rising and setting of the sun were thought of as reenactments of the original events of creation that maintained and renewed life in the cosmos. Sustaining life was thus the central function of the deities who governed these natural cycles. Therefore, the ankh was frequently depicted being held in gods' hands, representing their life-giving power. The Egyptians also believed that when they died, their individual lives could be renewed in the same manner as life in general. For this reason, the gods were often depicted in tombs giving ankh signs to humans, usually the pharaoh."

Ships worldwide from Sweden!