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Ars Goetia Demons Cards by TORVENIUS - CARD DECK (second edition)

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Please read full description carefully!

This is a DEMON CARD deck that contains all the demons in Ars Goetia fully illustrated in a dark dreamy surreal style. Together with the illustrations are the demon seals and ranks, as well as the number of how many legions each demon command. This is the second edition.

"The Ars Goetia is the first book in a collected work known as LEMEGETON/Salomonis Regis/The lesser key of Solomon. This work consist of five books which are Ars Goetia, Ars Theurgia-Goetia, Ars Paulina, Ars Almadel and Ars Notoria. They are said to originate from King Solomon himself. LEMEGETON is a collection of descriptions of demons, spells, magical preparations, seals, rituals and information on how and when to summon demons and spirits. The Ars Goetia specifically is foremost a catalogue over 72 demons and their seals and appearances."

This set contains:

- 80 demon cards
- 1 Ars Goetia related flip coin in black obsidian
- 1 matte black cardboard box with red metallic printing
- 1 altar cloth / divination mat in black velvet with Triangle of the Arts printed in dark red
- 80 page booklet, describing all demons and more, as written in Ars Goetia
- 1 necklace / locket to carry Ars Goetia coins

The Cards
All 72 demons from Ars Goetia are represented with their seals. 8 demons have double seals and they are represented also as seperate cards. Added is an extra card the demon PRUFLAS. Some coins differ slightly in shine and patina. This is a natural effect due to the process and production. The style of the coins are "vintage" and aged. The coins are also manufactured to fit perfectly into the Pentagram of Solomon necklace which is included in the ARS GOETIA demon card deck also released by Torvenius. The cards has jet black shiny edges and red metallic logo and print on the back.

The coin
One black obsidian laser engraved, double sided flip coin. The coin are unique to this deck.

The booklet
80 page booklet that has all the descriptions and the seals of the demons, as described in Ars Goetia.

The altar cloth
Shaped and designed as the Triangle of the Arts it has a square space in the center for you to lay down the card / demon you are working with.

The necklace
Updated version of the necklace with dual magnet for more safe carrying of the coins. The necklace is unique in its designed and made to function as a demon carrier. It has the Pentagram of Solomon in front. The back is openable as a locket and can perfectly hold the coins included in this box. But even more so, it is designed to also hold any of the demon seal coins that are available in the Ars Goetia coin set released by Torvenius. This is so you can carry any demon you fancy, with you at all times. The coin set is currently sold out but are being restocked soon.

Ships worldwide from Sweden!

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