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Elder Futhark Rune cards, divination cards - RUNE CARD DECK second edition

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Elder Futhark runes illustrated by Torvenius, made as a divination card deck. This is the second edition.

This is a 3 year long project coming to full completion. The Elder Futhark runes illustrated and realized into a 24 card deck. Each illustration is unique and specifically made for this deck. The illustrations are B/W with the name of each rune and the order in the Aettir marked on the front, the back features an Yggdrasil logo in silver printing.

The deck comes with a 32 page booklet that goes through each rune in broad strokes, with additional comments from the artist, and suggestions on different ways of using the deck. The deck comes with a rune flip coin packed in a collector vinyl slip case. All this packaged in a sturdy matte black box with shiny silver printed text. This deck also takes the lesser know Uthark theory in consideration and offer that as an alternative system to work with. This is an artistic project sprung from the love for the Elder Futhark runes.

Total Content:
- Cardboard box for safe keeping
- 24 rune cards
- 1 rune flip coin, 2 sided design, in vinyl slip case
- 32 page booklet

The order of the Elder Futhark runes in this deck is following the original and oldest order of the runes, as laid out on the Kylverstone:

From the back of the box:

"This Elder Futhark runes card set is illustrated and
conceived by Axel Torvenius, an artist and illustrator
living in Sweden with a deep interest in the ancient runes.

It is an artists interpretation and a creative adaptation of
the Scandinavian runes, taking inspiration from the rich
heathen heritage in Sweden. Numerous heathen locations
and runestones visited by the artist has served as a
starting point. The artwork on these cards is a blend of
classic interpretation of the runes and the descriptions
from old known sources, mixed with an artistic insight
and respect for the mystic aspects. The result is a rune
deck never before seen and a completely unique deck.

Meant to be used as a source of inspiration for anyone
interested in the Elder Futhark runes, as a divination tool
set for people working with runes from a spiritual and
magic aspect, or for the one just interested in heathen
themed artwork.

The deck takes the classic Futhark order as the primary
route, but also offers the lesser known Uthark theory as
an optional path. This set can be used as a companion deck
to the “Bind Rune Deck” and the “Shadow runes of the
Elder Futhark” wooden rune set designed by Torvenius.

Within is 24 rune cards with detailed illustrations, and a
booklet with explanations and comments by the artist."

The cards
Size: 70 x 120 mm
Material: 350g coated paper
Process: front with CMYK printing, back with silver stamped Yggdrasil and the edges with hot stamping shiny black

The box
Size: 132 mm x 82 mm x 33 mm
Material: thick cardboard
Process: matte surface, front and sides with silver stamping logo, back with CMYK printing.

Ships worldwide from Sweden!

© + ℗ 2020 Torvenius Illustration AB