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Phurpa (phurba, kīla, kila) Tibetan ritual dagger in black obsidian - RITUAL ITEM

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Happy to be able to offer hand-carved black obsidian Phurpa. These are imported and carved by highly skilled master craftsmen in jet-black, shiny obsidian.

The phurba (phur ba, phurpa, phurbu, purbha, phurpu or kīla) is a three-sided peg, stake, knife, or nail-like ritual implement deeply rooted in Indo-Tibetan Buddhism and Bön traditions. Its primary association is with the meditational deity Vajrakīlaya (Dorje Phurba), embodying the essence of transformative power.

Length is 19 cm.

All these items are hand-carved so smaller imperfections and variations can occur.

Ships worldwide from Sweden!