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Replica of ceremonial ritual axe, Battle Axe Culture in Sweden, SHINY edition - RITUAL ITEM

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This is a replica of a well known stone-axe finding in the southern of Sweden. These axes has been deemed not being worthy for fighting purposes, but rather ceremonial and as a status symbol. These axes has been found in graves, laid down to aid the deceased in the afterlife. These replicas are highly unique never before on the market and commissioned by Torvenius following archeological findings (last picture). These will fit perfectly on the primal heathen altar as a symbol of power and ancient rituals. This is the shiny edition.

Length: 20 cm
Width: 7,5 cm
Thickness: 4,5 cm

The battle ax culture, also known as the boat ax culture in the older literature, denotes a relatively uniform archaeological culture that occurs in an area of ​​southern Sweden-Norway that stretches from Bornholm and Skåne in the south to Uppland in the north and along the Norwegian coast up to Tröndelag. It is a regional variant of the so-called Corded Ware culture, which occurs in north-eastern Europe during the third millennium before Christ. C14 dating of graves dates the phenomenon or cultural complex to about 2950-2300 BC, but in some regions of the continent it disappears earlier. There are so far very few dates from Sweden, but the oldest are from around 2900-2800 BC. In connection with the spread of these cord ceramic cultures, as a rule, the preceding cultures cease completely, without leaving any traces behind in the subsequent time.
The oldest findings in Swedens is approx from 2900-2800 BC.

Designed and commissioned by Torvenius.

These are imported and carved by highly skilled master craftsmen in jet-black, shiny obsidian. All these items are hand-carved so smaller imperfections and variations can occur.

DISCLAIMER: The last picture is for reference, not included in this listing.

Ships worldwide from Sweden!