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Shadow runes, Elder Futhark Rune wooden rune-set, divination tool - RUNE BRICK SET

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The SHADOW RUNES of the Elder Futhark Runes designed by Torvenius.

This is a wooden rune-set that consist of the Elder Futhark runes. Long have I searched for a rune set on the market that would meet the aesthetics, size, appearance and quality that I have been looking for. None were to be found so I decided it was time to design and manufacture a set of my own. This set is all black. The wood is pear-tree, dyed black and the runes are laser etched in double depth to achieve the readability I feel is just enough. Lots of prototyping was made to find a good size of the rune brick - they need to feel comfortable in the hand and not be too big, nor too small. The corners and edges need to be smooth enough but not too smooth, a certain aspect of roughness still need to be present.

Preferably one should carve your own runes and I very much encourage anyone to do so! This set is foremost produced for those who do not have the possibility to do so, or, need this as a reference kit. In this modern world not everyone has the opportunities to carve runes and I want to give everyone a chance to experiment and learn the runes. If you want to work with this rune set as it is or if you intend to use it as a reference and inspiration for your own hand made set is equally good. In the set is also a blank rune included. The 25th blank rune is very much disputed among people working with runes. Some prefer to include it as a "unknown" rune / element in the readings while others definitely don't want it in there, it is a matter of personal taste. I have added it in this set as a spare brick, in case you misplace or loose one rune you can replace it with this one. Personally I don't feel the Elder Futhark runes need an extra blank one, but is complete as it is in the 24 rune Futhark.

The rune set comes in a black velvet bag with silver printed text and logo on the front with the Elder Futhark around Yggdrasil. Included is also a shorter booklet on 32 pages that briefly cover the meanings of the runes and also gives a few example son how to use them. The bricks are approx 30 x 20 mm. All text and design by Torvenius.

The mysteries and primal attraction of the Elder Futhark is strong and I hope this all black rune set will help or inspire you in your work with the runes.

Total Content:

- 24 rune bricks plus one blank spare
- Black velvet bag for safe keeping
- 32 page booklet

Ships worldwide from Sweden!

© + ℗ 2020 Torvenius Illustration AB