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The great Baphomet coin, Seal of Baphomet / Pentagram, Samael and Lilith coin - collectible divination flip COIN

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A satanic themed coin - The greater Baphomet coin! One side shows the original seal of Baphomet with Samael and Lilith inscribed, the other side shows an illustration of Baphomet sitting. Carry it with you for occult inspiration or use it as a yes or no flip coin.
Size is 35 mm across and 3 mm thick. Rich with detail and with a matte antique metal finish.
Listing is for one coin. Material is over 96% zinc, 3.9-4.3% aluminum, 0.025-0.05% magnesium, 0.10% copper, 0.075% iron, 0.002% tin, 0.004% lead and 0.003% cadmium.

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