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Vald sist på gympan, choosen last in gym class, outcast - screen printed PATCH

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"Vald sist på gympan" is swedish for being "selected/choosen last in gym class".

In Sweden it used to be a very common thing whenever a team was formed in gym-class, the best person for each team got to take turn, picking out which other students from the class to include in the team. Quite often, it was the same students left for last, being the left overs no-one "wanted" since they were fat, a geek, bad at sports, had a strange hair color or whatever reason the other gym-interested kids didn't approve of. I myself was obviously not a sports or gym-interested person in my younger years. I am sure this is a very common phenomena in schools throughout the world and I think it is quite horrid...

I would these days be perfectly fine to be chosen last in the same select-process.

This is a screen printed patch on plain, black, heavy cotton fabric. There is no iron on backing and the edge is raw-cut, there is no merrowed border. Ink color is white.

The size of the print (not the patch) is 8 cm wide.

Ships worldwide!

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