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Vegvisir cufflinks, Elder Futhark tie clip - gift box set!

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This is a gift box set that contains the Elder Futhark runes tie clip, together with the Vegvisir cufflinks.

The old Icelandic magical symbol and talisman is mentioned in the Huld manuscript by Geir Vigfusson. It is believed to show the way and protects its bearer from never get lost.
The tie-clip has the Elder Futhark runes from Scandinavia with the order of the runes as depicted on the Kylver stone. These runes were used before and during the viking age but is rarely seen carved on raised runestones.

Tie clip and cuff-links in polished silver metal, sterling silver coated. Comes in small black velvet gift box for safe keeping.

Ships worldwide from Sweden!

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